Zing Basket

Free 30 minute grocery delivery: You Click • We Pick • Free Delivery

Zing Basket is the newest creation from Ablak Holdings and combines nearly 30 years of experience in the food and delivery industries and is a pioneer in 30 minute grocery delivery.  

The process is built on three main steps:  You Click, We Pick and Free Delivery.  The “click” ordering technology includes online, tablet and mobile ordering solutions of groceries, organics and more.  The “pick” is done at our Greentree, PA warehouse, has over 3,000 products and our team picks the order with the love you deserve.  Finally, the “free delivery” is completed when our drivers deliver to the customer’s door in 30 minutes or less making this the fastest and most convenient grocery solution in Pittsburgh.

The technology team at Zing Basket has audacious goals of adding software enhancements and tools to support the products we sell and to make the ordering process more user-friendly for everyone.  Additionally, we just added the delivery of beer for our customers looking to combine all their weekly shopping with one delivery.   Technology Innovation and website enhancements are a primary focus for our growth.

Zing Basket has been operational since August of 2016 and we have 5-star rating on Facebook.  Right after opening, Zing Basket was featured on the front page of both Pittsburgh regional newspapers.  Even Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto tweeted about Zing Basket ton August 25th saying: “Zing Basket launches grocery delivery service for Pittsburgh area.  Groceries to your door in less than 45 mins...”  It is great to know that we have the support of our Facebook fans, the regional news and even our city’s mayor, but we will continue to innovate to become even stronger as we develop the business.