Sincerely Yogurt

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Sincerely Yogurt opened its first location in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania in 2009.  From the beginning, the company’s mission has been to go beyond the traditional self-serve frozen yogurt shop by providing a healthy alternative to frozen desserts. At Sincerely Yogurt we offer Nonfat and low-fat frozen yogurt made with no artificial flavors or colors. Additionally, we have incorporated a line of healthy smoothies, shakes and frozen treats.

With a growing reputation for ultra-healthy treats and a dedication to giving back, Sincerely Yogurt has been meeting the demand of communities, looking to make a positive change to their well-being.

In January of 2016, Sincerely Yogurt was acquired by Ablak Holdings.  Today with locations in Western Pennsylvania including the newest international location in Turkey, Sincerely Yogurt is proving everyone has room for healthy eating in their lives.

Sincerely Yogurt is founded on solid values such as: Health, Family, Friendship, Teamwork, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability. At Sincerely Yogurt we operate with integrity and moral ethics. Our customers, team members and  franchisees are honored, respected and valued.  Sincerely Yogurt is a happy place, where we celebrate family gatherings and friendship.