Varol Ablak

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer - Ablak Holdings

Varol is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ablak Holdings, a Pittsburgh based holding company that specializes in the acquisition, operation and growth of franchise businesses. After venturing out as a franchisee himself in the 1980’s, Varol later sold his franchises and started his own restaurant business in 1988 and began franchising in 1993. Varol founded Ablak Holdings in 2009 with the purpose of realizing the benefits and synergies that could be obtained through streamlining the operations of his existing franchise management interface; starting with his restaurant chain Vocelli Pizza. Today, Varol continues to develop businesses to franchise including: Sincerely Yogurt, high quality self-serve frozen yogurt, V3 Flatbread Pizza, a fast-casual pizza restaurant, Tulumba, the #1 Turkish eCommerce site in America, Best Turkish Food and Turkish Coffee Lady.

Varol and his management team have worked closely with franchisees to create a profitable and well managed franchise organization. The combined franchises operate locations internationally and have over 1,500 employees with more locations in development.

Jim Powers, CFE

Executive Vice President - Ablak Holdings

Jim has spent over 30 years in the restaurant/franchise industry and with Ablak Holdings’ companies.  Working his way up from a pizza delivery driver in 1989, Jim has now served as the Vice President of Marketing for Vocelli Pizza, as well as the CEO of three of the Ablak Holdings restaurant chains.  Jim has a degree in marketing, a Franchise Management Certificate from Georgetown University and holds Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) credentials from the International Franchise Association.